This Week’s Learning and Assignment 7/27

This week for my Leading Innovation and Implementing Change class, we were required to look up professional learning communities to join that follow our specific interests and classwork in our degree program. I chose since it was free and I chose the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (not free, $75 a year for students)  since my focus is to add as much technology as possible in the classroom learning environment. is a host site for hundreds of educational learning communities. I found 4 that I joined immediately because of their focus on technology in the classroom.

  1. Blended Learning: Extending Classes Online
  2. Digital Classroom: Teaching with Tech
  3. PreK-3 Digital Learning
  4. TechTools for the Classroom

Feel free to click on the links to go to the sources.

I had heard the term “blended learning” but did not have a clear definition of the concept until I went to this learning community. It’s exactly what I have in mind! Here is their definition of the community: “The Blended Learning Community is a free professional learning community that helps educators learn how to use online learning tools to best create a hybrid learning environment that promotes personalized learning for students to improve learning outcomes.” PERFECT!

I choose AECT because they have the most up to date information on all “HOT TOPICS” in the education world and their current High Interest Topics looks like THIS:

High Interest Topics

Recent works by AECT

High Interest Chapters of the Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology

Bridging Learning Theories and Technology-Enhanced Environments: A Critical Appraisal of Its History

Ethics of Educational Technology

Educational Design Research

Design and Development Research

Practices and Potential of Activity Theory for Educational Technology Research

Action Research for Educational Communications and Technology

My question for YOU is:

What are YOU looking for as far as effective technology and software in the classroom? 


About This Page

My name is Jessica Bresnahan and I have been an educator for 11 years. I have my bachelors degree from Purdue University in Elementary Education, my masters degree from University of Phoenix in Early Childhood Education and I am currently working toward an additional masters degree from Capella University in Educational Innovation and Technology. I teach kindergarten and became a teacher because I love to learn and I hope sharing that love inspires others to beome lifelong learners too. I created this page in hopes of sharing and learning with other educators tips and resources for those of us “in the trenches.” I recognize that even after 11 years of teaching, I clearly do not know it all.  I will be using this blog for my classmates at Capella as well as any educator that wants to join and share. Welcome!